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Application scope of one-way belt pulley of automobile generator

Causes of one-way pulley of alternator:

The traditional power transmission is belt driven: the power transmission between engine and generator is completed by belt and other components. Small speed changes on one side of the engine can cause belt instability, slip, noise and even reduce the service life of the belt. Based on this, inspired by the use of several one-way clutches on the starter, some manufacturers have developed and manufactured the automobile generator pulley with built-in one-way clutch since the beginning of the 21st century, and developed a drive system with high reliability that can absorb speed changes

The utility model relates to a one-way belt pulley of an automobile generator, which is composed of a belt hub and a one-way mechanism \ R \ R \ R \ n installed therein. It is characterized in that the one-way mechanism comprises a flat curved surface and an outer curved surface of an eccentric arc surface \ R \ R \ R \ n core wheel a flat spring installed on the flat curved surface, a roller installed on the eccentric arc surface, a retaining ring installed outside the roller , and a retaining ring  The outer snap ring

1. Diesel engine

2. V-cylinder machine with cylinder rest function

3. Application of dual mass flywheel

4. Reduced idle speed

5. Automatic transmission with high shift impact

6. Alternator with high inertia torque

Application scope of one-way belt pulley of automobile generator

As shown in the figure below, Audi 1.8T generator has the same OE number, but its appearance is very different. For details of Audi 1.8T generator with one-way clutch, please click the figure below

Post time: Nov-17-2021