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alternator clutch pulley F-554710

Short Description:

Unidirectional alternator pulley is also called alternator overrunning pulley, which is called overrunning alternator pulley in English.Commonly known as the generator belt clutch, in fact, it refers to the belt pulley of one-way alternator.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 69.5 37322-4X250 CCP90175 23058571 BONGO
OD2 66 354961 CCP90175AS FI14040 BONGO PIatform
OAL 33.5 37322-4X250 CCP90175GS 23058571BN CARNIVAL
IVH 17 720110800 23058571OE SPORTAGE SUV
Rotary Right INA RPK041270
M M16 535009710 SCP90175

How to test whether the overspeed generator pulley needs to be replaced

It is true that the belt pulley of an overspeed alternator is worn. but this is not always visible to the naked eye
Maintenance instructions

Whenever any maintenance work is carried out on the unit drive. the override alternator pulley must always be tested.

Purpose of one-way pulley of generator belt pulley:

1. The one-way belt pulley of the generator has the ability of one-way transmission, and it will not produce transmission power if it bounces and reverses at the moment of starting;

In addition, there is no current generated in case of its reverse rotation difference, so it can effectively avoid damaging the vehicle motor; And it is also obvious in reducing the reaction force on the engine, which can make the engine run smoothly.

2.Moreover, the one-way belt pulley of the generator can greatly reduce the deflection of the belt during operation; The one-way belt pulley of the generator is also prominent in reducing the tension, vibration and noise of the belt during operation; It can obviously improve the service life of generator system and its belt; It can meet the inertia law generated during operation and effectively improve the speed during idling.

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