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Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-587281

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The traditional automobile generator pulley (two-way) operates synchronously with the speed of the automobile engine, and does not distinguish between the inner and outer circles. In the process of automobile driving, if the engine suddenly accelerates or decelerates, for example, when the engine changes from high speed to low speed, the traditional pulley generally decreases with the transmission belt at the same time.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 63 1885676 EB3T10300DA EB3T10300EA RANGER 2.2 /3.2
OD2 58 2148360 EB3T1-0300-DA EB3T-10300-EA
OAL 39 2212497 EB3T10300DB EB3T10300EB
IVH 17 5344230 EB3T-10300-DB EB3T-10300-EB
Rotary Right
M M17

The OAP pulley can be divided into outer ring and inner ring. If the inner ring speed (i.e. generator rotor speed) exceeds the outer ring speed during operation, the pulley will slip immediately, and the inner ring and outer ring will be separated. When the engine changes from high speed to low speed, due to the function of one-way clutch, the outer ring of the overrunning pulley moves to low speed synchronously, and the speed of the inner ring still runs at high speed by inertia, that is, higher than the speed of the outer ring. At this time, there is a difference in the speed between the inside and outside, and the pulley is in the slip state. Pansun’s products can form a short buffer state between the transmission belt and the one-way pulley to reduce the jitter caused by the impact of the difference (which is extremely unfavorable to the generator rotor and rotating shaft). When the engine accelerates, the outer ring gradually reaches the same speed as the inner ring before it can return to the combined state. In this way, it can protect the emergency stop torsional vibration of the generator and the transmission belt under the emergency stop state of the engine. The generator can continue to rotate inertia and stop slowly under the protection of exceeding the pulley, which can effectively prolong the service life of the transmission belt, Further promote the smooth operation of the engine and even reduce the emission of carbon monoxide.

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