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over running alternator pulley 27415-0T010

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 61 27415-0T010 27060-0V010 104210-2270 Corolla1.6/1.8/2.0
OD2 55 27415-0T011 27060-36010 104210-2340 Vios Yashili
OAL 43.5 27415-0T060 27060-37050 104210-5280 TOYOTA RAV-4 2.4L
IVH 17 27415-0W020 27060-37051 104210-5490 Ford Mustang
Rotary Right 27415-0M011 LITENS 121000-3850 4.6L 10/11
M M14 27060-0T030 920685 121000-4520
27060-0T031 920834 421000-0012
27060-0T040 920906 421000-0022
27060-0T041 421000-0025

The one-way pulley of automobile generator is the one-way pulley of automobile generator. Its function is:

Generally, the generator is installed with fixed bearings. When the car is running, it accelerates and decelerates, so that the belt is constantly tightened and relaxed. The working principle of the one-way pulley is similar to that of the one-way clutch gear on the starter, which has the function of one-way slip. The generator pulley can only rotate in the same direction to drive the rotor to rotate. On the contrary, the pulley will only idle!

What are the benefits of installing a one-way pulley? 1. The performance improvement of front-end accessory belt drive system is to reduce belt vibration
Reduce belt tension
Reduce the tensioning stroke of the belt tensioner
Improve belt life
Reduce belt drive noise
Increase the speed of the alternator at engine idle

If the two-way damping pulley provided by the other party does not have an overrunning clutch, it may basically be made of rubber bonded with the outer ring iron ring, and the inner and outer rings are filled with special rubber. The damping mechanism of the rubber is similar to the damping spring, which can reduce the resonance amplitude during the operation of the pulley and slow down the impact during speed change. Try to achieve shock absorption. As far as we know, the actual damping effect of this belt pulley is not obvious, because it does not have the function of surpassing the clutch, the impact of slowing down the speed change is limited, and for the generator with high moment of inertia, it can not continue to rotate inertia and stop slowly, and can not actually and effectively protect the generator.

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