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Generator pulley lternator K406701

Short Description:

Application scope of one-way belt pulley of automobile generator:
1. Diesel engine 2. V-cylinder machine with cylinder rest function
3. Application of dual mass flywheel
4. Reduced idle speed
5. Automatic transmission with high shift impact 6. Alternator with high inertia torque

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Parameter Original number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 70 K406701 37300-4A001 H200
OD2 69 406607 37300-4A002 KIA Sorento 2.5L
OAL 44.5 KIA 37300-4A003
IVH 17 37321-4A000 37300-4A110
Rotary Right 37322-4A000 37300-4A111
M M16 37322-4A001 37300-4A112
37322-4A002 37300-4A113

In short, it is a kind of clutch with self clutch function by using the speed change or rotation direction change of the driving and driven parts. Generally speaking, it is like the flywheel of a bicycle. When the cyclist doesn’t step on it, the bicycle slides forward, and your feet will never move with the rear wheel of the car. When the “flywheel” is stuck, your foot will slide with the rear wheel and move up and down. It can only rotate in one direction, and it will deadlock in the other direction. Therefore, when the overrunning clutch developed under the known technology and mechanism design is applied to the pulley, it is basically only one-way without two-way.

The OAP one-way pulley relieves the mass inertia of the generator from the non-uniformity of crank speed of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, during the uneven operation of the crank, only the acceleration phase will drive the generator shaft. When the accessory drive system of internal combustion engine reaches its functional limit under the following conditions, OAP will play its role and expand the extreme application conditions of the system.

Unidirectional alternator pulley is also called alternator overrunning pulley, which is called overrunning alternator pulley in English

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