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  • Generator pulley lternator F-559320

    Generator pulley lternator F-559320

    1. The belt pulley of automobile generator is easy to install and specially designed for
    2. Directly replace the old or broken one, which is very suitable for your vehicle.
    3. The generator pulley with flywheel can be removed and installed freely.
    4. It is a practical tool for automobile maintenance and mechanical maintenance to make your maintenance work go smoothly.


  • Generator pulley lternator K406701

    Generator pulley lternator K406701

    Application scope of one-way belt pulley of automobile generator:
    1. Diesel engine 2. V-cylinder machine with cylinder rest function
    3. Application of dual mass flywheel
    4. Reduced idle speed
    5. Automatic transmission with high shift impact 6. Alternator with high inertia torque

  • over running alternator pulley F-232774.1

    over running alternator pulley F-232774.1

    The automobile generator pulley is produced by professional manufacturers with reliable performance and exquisite workmanship.The alternator pulley is made of high-quality metal material with high strength and durability.Please check the part number of your product carefully. The matching information is for reference only. If you are not sure about the product, please contact us before purchase to avoid unnecessary return. Thank you!

  • removing alternator pulley F-239808

    removing alternator pulley F-239808

    Its function is to decouple the alternator from the front engine accessory belt drive train, because the alternator has the highest rotational moment of inertia in the front engine accessory belt drive train. This means that the generator one-way pulley is a V-belt and can only drive the alternator in one direction.

  • Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-587281

    Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-587281

    The traditional automobile generator pulley (two-way) operates synchronously with the speed of the automobile engine, and does not distinguish between the inner and outer circles. In the process of automobile driving, if the engine suddenly accelerates or decelerates, for example, when the engine changes from high speed to low speed, the traditional pulley generally decreases with the transmission belt at the same time.

  • removing alternator pulley  F-237101

    removing alternator pulley F-237101

    Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models SKEW 6 FIAT INA FIAT Suzuki OD1 59 77362721 F-237101 46823546 Suzuki SX4 2.0 OD2 55 77363954 F-237101.1 46823547 OAL 39 55186280 F-237101.2 VALEO IVH 17 F-237101.3 2542670 Rotary Right SUZUKI F-237101.4 2542670B M M16 437504 SUZUKI 31771-85E00-000 31400-85E00 What are the benefits of generator one-way wheels? Alleviate the impact of the generator and the adjustment of the powe...
  • Generator pulley lternator F588422

    Generator pulley lternator F588422

    The working principle of the one-way pulley is similar to that of the one-way clutch gear on the starter, which has the function of one-way slip. The generator pulley can only rotate in the same direction to drive the rotor to rotate. On the contrary, the pulley will only idle!.

  • alternator clutch pulley F-554710

    alternator clutch pulley F-554710

    Unidirectional alternator pulley is also called alternator overrunning pulley, which is called overrunning alternator pulley in English.Commonly known as the generator belt clutch, in fact, it refers to the belt pulley of one-way alternator.

  • Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-551406

    Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-551406

    Since all pulley types are not interchangeable,   Therefore, it is important to use only the type of pulley originally equipped with the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle requires solid pulleys, OWC or oad, pulleys of the same category must be installed. Like any other component, overrun alternator pulleys will not last forever (technicians will replace more and more pulleys). Worn pulleys can cause vibration in the belt drive system and usually cause damage to the tensioner.

  • alternator clutch pulley 27415-0W040

    alternator clutch pulley 27415-0W040

    The belt pulley of automobile generator is easy to install and specially designed for. It is a practical tool for automobile maintenance and mechanical maintenance to make your maintenance work go smoothly.

  • Generator pulley check pulley

    Generator pulley check pulley

    The one-way pulley of the generator pulley on the vehicle is used to alleviate the impact of the generator and adjust the power generation during rapid acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. Just before the engine stops running, the engine crankshaft on the one-way pulley of the generator will rotate in both positive and negative directions for a short time. At this time, the rotor of the generator still rotates in the original direction.

  • Generator CLUTCH PULLEY F-236591

    Generator CLUTCH PULLEY F-236591

    The lip seal ring on the motor side and the protective cover at the front end can prevent the weakening of OAP function caused by dirt and splash under working conditions. The protective cover is clamped after OAP is installed on the motor shaft. It can be seen that the outer surface of OAP is coated with a layer of anti rust layer; All other metal surfaces are uncoated

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