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Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-551406

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Since all pulley types are not interchangeable,   Therefore, it is important to use only the type of pulley originally equipped with the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle requires solid pulleys, OWC or oad, pulleys of the same category must be installed. Like any other component, overrun alternator pulleys will not last forever (technicians will replace more and more pulleys). Worn pulleys can cause vibration in the belt drive system and usually cause damage to the tensioner.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 55 03G903119B 03C903012B 045903023D Audi A3 Q3  2.0
OD2 50 045903119 03G903016B 045903023H A4 2.0
OAL 39.3 045903119A 03G903016BX 045903023HX A6  2.0
IVH 17 06J903119A 03G903016E 06F903023L TT 3.2 COUPE QUATTRO
Rotary Right 03G903016EX 06F903023M TT 3.2 4WD Cabriolet
M M16 INA 03G903023F 06F903023N GolfV VII
535012410 03L903017 06G903023C
F-551406 03L903023K 06G903023D


Dynamic test with engine running

1.open the hood

2.start the engine and let it idle

3.wear goggles to observe the belt drive

4.run the engine in different speed ranges and perform a visual inspection

5.shut down the engine and observe the alternator pulley for overspeed

Defective flywheels can be identified by the fact that the unit driver does not really operate and the resulting noise. An alternator with a complete flywheel shall decelerate and stop when the engine is switched off.


Static test with engine off

1.shut down the engine

2.remove the ignition key

3.remove the V-belt

4.remove the cap from the flywheel

5.application of assembly tools (a)

6.grasp and hold the outer ring of the pulley with one hand

7.with the other hand. turn the assembly tool in both directions

If the flywheel works properly. the shaft will rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other. Depending on the manufacturer. the resistance in the locking direction may increase.

If the above results are not achieved. the alternator freewheel clutch must be replaced


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