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Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-556174

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The one-way belt pulley of the generator has the ability of one-way transmission, and it will not produce transmission power if it bounces and reverses at the moment of starting;There is no current generated in case of its reverse rotation difference, so it can effectively avoid damaging the vehicle motor; And it is also obvious in reducing the reaction force on the engine, which can make the engine run smoothly.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 62.7 27060-0L030 01210AA68B F000BL0639 Defender of Land Rover
OD2 59 27060-0L050 0121615003 F000BL06AK Jiangling Quanshun
OAL 38.5 27060-0L060 0121615103 F00M349878 ford ranger3.2
IVH 17 27060-0L090 0124315103 F00M391108 Jiangling Yusheng
Rotary Right 27060-0L100 0125711005 F00M391125
M M16 0125711018 F00M991916
INA 0125711046 MAZDA
F-556174 0125711049 UK0118300A
0125811016 UK0118300B

The one-way belt pulley of the generator is composed of an outer ring matching the cross-sectional shape of the multi-wedge belt, a clutch unit composed of a stamped inner ring, an outer ring and a double needle roller bearing, a shaft sleeve and two sealing rings. In order to prevent the influence of water and other dirt, a protective cover is installed on its outer end face.

Its function is to decouple the alternator from the front engine accessory belt drive train, because the alternator has the highest rotational moment of inertia in the front engine accessory belt drive train. This means that the generator one-way pulley is a V-belt and can only drive the alternator in one direction.

The OAP one-way pulley relieves the mass inertia of the generator from the non-uniformity of crank speed of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, during the uneven operation of the crank, only the acceleration phase will drive the generator shaft. When the accessory drive system of internal combustion engine reaches its functional limit under the following conditions, OAP will play its role and expand the extreme application conditions of the system.

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