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Generator pulley lternator F-550213

Short Description:

The automobile manufacturer has developed an surpassing alternator pulley. Unlike the traditional alternator pulley, it allows the alternator to “surpass” when the engine slows down, so as to absorb the vibration in the engine. Alternator and other belt drive components.

Product Detail

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 59 F00M991313 2310000Q0M 231001043R SANDERO  LOGAN
OD2 56 F00M991219 2310000Q2J 231001956R DUSTER  DOKKER
OAL 42 F00M147956 231004527R 231002949R NISSAN  CUBE JUKE
IVH 17 0986049030 23100JD10A 231004517R NV200 TIIDA
Rotary Right 0986049060 231004EA0A 231008578R QASHQAI NOTE MICRA
M M16 0986049070 8200390667 RENAULT CAPTUR  CLIO
F-550213 8200728292 LAGUNA MEGANE
F-550213.01 8200992211 TALISMAN TWINGO

What are the benefits of generator one-way wheels?

Alleviate the impact of the generator and the adjustment of the power generation during the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. reduce the load caused to the engine at the moment of acceleration or deceleration of the engine and gear change of the gearbox. so as to reduce the load of the generator belt and increase the service life of the belt! Reduce engine vibration and noise!

So what is the impact on fuel consumption?

Theoretically. it can reduce fuel consumption. because it can reduce the load caused by engine acceleration or deceleration. so it can reduce fuel consumption. but the effect can be ignored!

Defective flywheels can be identified by the fact that the unit driver does not really operate and the resulting noise. An alternator with a complete flywheel shall decelerate and stop when the engine is switched off.

Static test with engine off

1.shut down the engine
2.remove the ignition key
3.remove the V-belt
4.remove the cap from the flywheel
5.application of assembly tools (a)
6.grasp and hold the outer ring of the pulley with one hand
7.with the other hand. turn the assembly tool in both directions

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