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Generator pulley check pulley

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The one-way pulley of the generator pulley on the vehicle is used to alleviate the impact of the generator and adjust the power generation during rapid acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. Just before the engine stops running, the engine crankshaft on the one-way pulley of the generator will rotate in both positive and negative directions for a short time. At this time, the rotor of the generator still rotates in the original direction.

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Whether the generator pulley is a one-way pulley has a great impact. Belt vibration will reduce the service life of relevant accessories on the belt, air conditioning pump, tensioning pulley, etc.

1. The one-way belt pulley of the generator has the ability of one-way transmission, and it will not generate transmission power if it bounces and reverses at the moment of startup;

In addition, there is no current generated in case of its reverse rotation difference, so it can effectively avoid damaging the vehicle motor; And it is also obvious in reducing the reaction force on the engine, which can make the engine run smoothly.

2.Moreover, the one-way belt pulley of the generator can greatly reduce the deflection of the belt during operation; The one-way belt pulley of the generator is also prominent in reducing the tension, vibration and noise of the belt during operation; It can obviously improve the service life of generator system and its belt; It can meet the inertia law generated during operation and effectively improve the speed during idling.

Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 62.7 F00M349813 01210AA7RB 31285627 S80 II 2.5T
OD2 58.7 F00M391113 0121615005 30659131 XC60 2.0i
OAL 38.5 F00M391139 0121615105 30659136 XC90 I T5 AWD
IVH 17 VOLVO 0121715008 30659341 GAC Fick
Rotary Right 30667682 0121715079 30667118
M M16 INA 0121715108 30667119
F-553392 0121715179 36000037
F-553392.01 0125711002 36000038
F-583425 0125711047 36001105

The lip seal ring on the motor side and the protective cover at the front end can prevent the weakening of OAP function caused by dirt and splash under working conditions. The protective cover is clamped after OAP is installed on the motor shaft. It can be seen that the outer surface of OAP is coated with a layer of anti rust layer; All other metal surfaces are uncoated

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