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Generator CLUTCH PULLEY F-567525

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If the two-way damping pulley provided by the other party does not have an overrunning clutch, it may basically be made of rubber bonded with the outer ring iron ring, and the inner and outer rings are filled with special rubber. The damping mechanism of the rubber is similar to the damping spring, which can reduce the resonance amplitude during the operation of the pulley and slow down the impact during speed change.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 65 27411-0C020 102210-2810 27060-0C020 Hailax 1KD 2KD
OD2 58 27415-30020 102211-2310 27060-0L010 VIGOVios
OAL 42 27415-0L010 102211-2810 27060-0L020 Innova
IVH 15 27415-0L030 102211-4720 27060-0L021 Land Cruiser
Rotary Right 27060-30020 102211-5600 27060-0L022
M M14 27060-30050 102211-5670 27060-0L040
INA 104210-8020 27060-0L080
F-567525 104210-8021 27060-30010

In order to prevent slipping in the belt drive system of the generator, the selection of one-way clutch pulley with appropriate function and good quality has a great impact on the power generation function of the generator and the service life of the belt, reducing vibration and reducing oil consumption. What torque force must be borne by the pulley when matching the generator and what is the slip force distance when exceeding? The basic factors to be considered are as follows:

1. Rotating torque / rated torque of generator;
2. Operating speed range and inertia of driven parts;
3. Exceed the range of operating speed;
4. Service times, service life, etc.

OAP one-way belt pulley is composed of a wheel pan, roller clutch and belt hub (see the figure below). The outer contour of the wheel pan is designed to be suitable for matching with multi wedge belt. There are a row of needle rollers on both sides of the roller clutch to support radial load

In order to install the OAP to the extension of the generator shaft, there is a hole in the center of the belt hub with a thread and a keyway at the front end. They are used to ensure the tightening torque (maximum 85ncm). Therefore, no additional fastening elements are required

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