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alternator clutch pulley F-585322

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Check the generator one-way wheel: 1. Measure the generator voltage with a multimeter. The normal value is between 12.5V and 14.8V. If the voltage is abnormal, the generator is damaged;

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
SKEW 7 TOYOTA DENSO TOYOTA Toyota corolla 2.2
OD1 65 27415-26010 102211-8370 27060-0G011 Toyota Land Cruiser
OD2 58 27415-30010 104210-3410 27060-0G021 Toyota Rand cooluze
OAL 42 NTN 104210-4450 27060-0R011 2KD
IVH 17 328V2-2 104210-4591 27060-26030 Toyota fortune
Rotary Right 357V1-1 104210-4460 27060-30030 2KD
M M14 361V1-1 104210-4520 27060-30060
INA 104210-4521 27060-30070
F-585322 104210-4770 27060-30121

Since all pulley types are not interchangeable,   Therefore, it is important to use only the type of pulley originally equipped with the vehicle. Therefore, if the vehicle requires solid pulleys, OWC or oad, pulleys of the same category must be installed. Like any other component, overrun alternator pulleys will not last forever (technicians will replace more and more pulleys). Worn pulleys can cause vibration in the belt drive system and usually cause damage to the tensioner.

Check the quality of the generator through the appearance and clearance, swing the generator from front to back, left to right, and judge whether the direction of the front bearing and the clearance become larger. If the axial direction and clearance change, it indicates that the generator is faulty. The one-way wheel of the generator is used to alleviate the impact of the engine when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates rapidly, and adjust the power generation. After the one-way wheel of the generator is damaged, the vehicle has no buffer during rapid acceleration or deceleration, which will produce abnormal noise when starting, and the engine will also produce abnormal noise when gently stepping on the accelerator. After the one-way wheel of the generator is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time, otherwise the vehicle battery will not be charged, and insufficient battery power will lead to weak driving and flameout of the vehicle.

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