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over running alternator pulley F-232774.1

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The automobile generator pulley is produced by professional manufacturers with reliable performance and exquisite workmanship.The alternator pulley is made of high-quality metal material with high strength and durability.Please check the part number of your product carefully. The matching information is for reference only. If you are not sure about the product, please contact us before purchase to avoid unnecessary return. Thank you!

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
SKEW 7 HYUNDAI HYUNDAI F-232774.1 Modern  H1 2.5
OD1 70 K406701 37300-4A001 F- 232774.03 H200
OD2 69 406607 37300-4A002 F- 232774.4 KIA Sorento 2.5L
OAL 44.5 KIA 37300-4A003 F-232774.05
IVH 17 37321-4A000 37300-4A110 F- 232774.04
Rotary Right 37322-4A000 37300-4A111
M M16 37322-4A001 37300-4A112
37322-4A002 37300-4A113

Check the generator one-way wheel: 1. Measure the generator voltage with a multimeter. The normal value is between 12.5V and 14.8V. If the voltage is abnormal, the generator is damaged; 2. Check the quality of the generator through the appearance and clearance, swing the generator from front to back, left to right, and judge whether the direction of the front bearing and the clearance become larger. If the axial direction and clearance change, it indicates that the generator is faulty. The one-way wheel of the generator is used to alleviate the impact of the engine when the vehicle accelerates or decelerates rapidly, and adjust the power generation. After the one-way wheel of the generator is damaged, the vehicle has no buffer during rapid acceleration or deceleration, which will produce abnormal noise when starting, and the engine will also produce abnormal noise when gently stepping on the accelerator. After the one-way wheel of the generator is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time, otherwise the vehicle battery will not be charged, and insufficient battery power will lead to weak driving and flameout of the vehicle.

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