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Generator pulley lternator F588422

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The working principle of the one-way pulley is similar to that of the one-way clutch gear on the starter, which has the function of one-way slip. The generator pulley can only rotate in the same direction to drive the rotor to rotate. On the contrary, the pulley will only idle!.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
SKEW 7 CASCO REAL SANDO Modern automobile
OD1 65 CCP90287 23058782 SCP90287 H-1 BOX
OD2 59.5 CCP90287AS 23058782BN SCP90287.0 H-1 CARGO
OAL 38.3 CCP90287GS 23058782OE SCP90287.1 H-1 TRAVEI
IVH 17
Rotary Right INA
M M16 37300-4A700

In order to prevent slipping in the belt drive system of the generator, the selection of one-way clutch pulley with appropriate function and good quality has a great impact on the power generation function of the generator and the service life of the belt, reducing vibration and reducing oil consumption. What torque force must be borne by the pulley when matching the generator and what is the slip force distance when exceeding? The basic factors to be considered are as follows:

1. Rotating torque / rated torque of generator;
2. Operating speed range and inertia of driven parts;
3. Exceed the range of operating speed;
4. Service times, service life, etc.

Why does the overrunning alternative pulley / one way clutch pulley replace the traditional two-way pulley? It is because the overrunning alternative pulley has the advantages that the traditional two-way pulley does not have.

Alleviate the impact of the generator and the adjustment of the power generation during the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, reduce the load caused to the engine at the moment of acceleration or deceleration of the engine and gear change of the gearbox, so as to reduce the load of the generator belt and increase the service life of the belt! Reduce engine vibration and noise!

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