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alternator clutch pulley F-236071.03

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OAP one-way belt pulley is composed of a wheel pan, roller clutch and belt hub (see the figure below). The outer contour of the wheel pan is designed to be suitable for matching with multi wedge belt. There are a row of needle rollers on both sides of the roller clutch to support radial load

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 61 37322-2A110 37300-2A000 2655475 Elantra
OD2 57 37322-2A000 37300-2A010 439607 KIA Cerato
OAL 41.3 37322-2A100 37300-2A050 440123
IVH 17 37322-2A500 37300-2A100 TG12C033
Rotary Right 37300-2A110 TG12C090
M M16 37300-2A150 TG12C118
INA 37300-2A300 TG12C141

In order to install the OAP to the extension of the generator shaft, there is a hole in the center of the belt hub with a thread and a keyway at the front end. They are used to ensure the tightening torque (maximum 85ncm). Therefore, no additional fastening elements are required

The axial force generated by the belt is absorbed by the bearing assembly; Therefore, the maximum axial clearance of 0.6mm ensures that the belt track can be adjusted freely

The lip seal ring on the motor side and the protective cover at the front end can prevent the weakening of OAP function caused by dirt and splash under working conditions. The protective cover is clamped after OAP is installed on the motor shaft. It can be seen that the outer surface of OAP is coated with a layer of anti rust layer; All other metal surfaces are uncoated

This modular design can effectively shorten the sample delivery time and the start time of mass production. Of course, it can reduce the product cost.

Why does the overrunning alternative pulley / one way clutch pulley replace the traditional two-way pulley? It is because the overrunning alternative pulley has the advantages that the traditional two-way pulley does not have.

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