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Generator pulley lternator F-559320

Short Description:

1. The belt pulley of automobile generator is easy to install and specially designed for
2. Directly replace the old or broken one, which is very suitable for your vehicle.
3. The generator pulley with flywheel can be removed and installed freely.
4. It is a practical tool for automobile maintenance and mechanical maintenance to make your maintenance work go smoothly.


Product Detail

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
SKEW 6 DB DB VALEO Mercedes Benz
OD1 55 6111550315 0121542202 437534 Benz Viano
OD2 50 6111550515 0121542402 437621
OAL 39.3 6111550715 0121544602 437642
IVH 17 0121545402 437642
Rotary Right INA 0121546302
M M16 F-559320 0131540802
535005010 0131541002

The automobile manufacturer has developed an surpassing alternator pulley. Unlike the traditional alternator pulley. it allows the alternator to “surpass” when the engine slows down. so as to absorb the vibration in the engine. Alternator and other belt drive components.

[reliable] the automobile generator pulley is produced by professional manufacturers with reliable performance and exquisite workmanship.
[high quality material] the alternator pulley is made of high-quality metal material with high strength and durability.
[customer service] we are committed to making our products and services bring you a good shopping experience. If you have any questions. please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve them for you.

Advantages of surpassing the generator pulley:

1. better alternator is allowed
2. reduce wear of all belt drive components
3. eliminate belt slip and noise
4. absorb vibration
5. increase the service life of all belt drive components

There are two types of override alternator pulleys:

1. OWC – free rotation in one direction and immediate locking in the other
2. oad – rotates freely in one direction and allows small angle rotation in the other direction.

Be careful

Please check the part number of your product carefully. The matching information is for reference only. If you are not sure about the product. please contact us before purchase to avoid unnecessary return. Thank you!

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