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Generator CLUTCH PULLEY F-600396

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Generally, the generator is installed with fixed bearings. When the car is running, it accelerates and decelerates, so that the belt is constantly tightened and relaxed. The working principle of the one-way pulley is similar to that of the one-way clutch gear on the starter, which has the function of one-way slip. The generator pulley can only rotate in the same direction to drive the rotor to rotate. On the contrary, the pulley will only idle!

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 68 23100-4KD0B 231004KV0A F000BL06T8 NAVARA Piatform
OD2 64 231004KD0B 231004KV0B F000BL06T9 NP300
OAL 35 23100-4KV0A F000BL06X8 TERRA
IVH 17 231004KV0B F000BL06X9
Rotary Right 23100-4KV0B F000BL06Z4
M M16 INA F000BL29L7
535029410 F000BL06X1


We recommend the following procedure

1.if a new alternator is installed. be sure to replace the alternator flywheel clutch at the same time

2.replace the V-belt. clamping device and alternator flywheel clutch at the same time

3.replace the alternator flywheel clutch after 120000 km at the latest

In this regard. observe the repair and maintenance instructions of the relevant vehicle manufacturer.

The one-way pulley of automobile generator is the one-way pulley of automobile generator. Its function is:

The one-way pulley of the generator pulley on the vehicle is used to alleviate the impact of the generator and adjust the power generation during rapid acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. Just before the engine stops running, the engine crankshaft on the one-way pulley of the generator will rotate in both positive and negative directions for a short time. At this time, the rotor of the generator still rotates in the original direction.

Whether the generator pulley is a one-way pulley has a great impact. Belt vibration will reduce the service life of relevant accessories on the belt, air conditioning pump, tensioning pulley, etc.

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