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Overrunning AlternatorPulley F-564313

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Whether the generator pulley is a one-way pulley has a great impact. Belt vibration will reduce the service life of relevant accessories on the belt, air conditioning pump, tensioning pulley, etc.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 55 13502580 13502580 455221 ORLANDO
OD2 50 13579114 13579114 OAP7164 Mitsubishi
OAL 39.3 13580078 13580078 F121760 Opel ANTARA
IVH 17 96868420 SCP90270 VAUXHALL
Rotary Right SCP902701
M M16 PPK041281

Our newly designed, manufactured and patented one-way pulley product improves the traditional transmission structure and designs a new transmission system with precise structure and excellent performance, avoids the negative electricity formed during reverse rotation, and reduces noise due to vibration absorbed by elastic parts. According to the positive impact on the performance of accessory drive system (depending on specific application), the advantages of OAP one-way pulley are as follows:

1. Unidirectional transmission capacity, bounce and reversal at the moment of startup do not produce transmission power;
3. Reduce belt vibration and tensioner stroke, and effectively reduce belt tension vibration during operation;
3. Increase the average speed of the generator in the engine idle phase; reduce the engine fuel consumption by about 10%.

At present, OAP produced by ina in Germany or NTN, NSK and Koyo in Japan has similar advantages over one-way pulley, which is also the performance of two-way (shock absorption) pulley.

If the flywheel works properly, the shaft will rotate freely in one direction and lock in the other. Depending on the manufacturer, the resistance in the locking direction may increase.

If the above results are not achieved, the alternator freewheel clutch must be replaced.

Maintenance instructions

Whenever any maintenance work is carried out on the unit drive, the override alternator pulley must always be tested.

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