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Generator CLUTCH PULLEY F-236591

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The lip seal ring on the motor side and the protective cover at the front end can prevent the weakening of OAP function caused by dirt and splash under working conditions. The protective cover is clamped after OAP is installed on the motor shaft. It can be seen that the outer surface of OAP is coated with a layer of anti rust layer; All other metal surfaces are uncoated

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 55 OAP7077 5350062000 2601052 Fiat
OD2 50 23079909 535006210 2603530 Mitsubishi
OAL 39.3 24942617 234794 588002 Sign
IVH 17 INA 330271 593832 Suzuki
Rotary Right F-236591 332307
M M16 F-559320

Application scope of one-way belt pulley of automobile generator:

1. Diesel engine
2. V-cylinder machine with cylinder rest function
3. Application of dual mass flywheel
4. Reduced idle speed
5. Automatic transmission with high shift impact
6. Alternator with high inertia torque

In order to prevent slipping in the belt drive system of the generator, the selection of one-way clutch pulley with appropriate function and good quality has a great impact on the power generation function of the generator and the service life of the belt, reducing vibration and reducing oil consumption. What torque force must be borne by the pulley when matching the generator and what is the slip force distance when exceeding? The basic factors to be considered are as follows:

1. Rotating torque / rated torque of generator;
2. Operating speed range and inertia of driven parts;
3. Exceed the range of operating speed;
4. Service times, service life, etc.

Whether the generator pulley is a one-way pulley has a great impact. Belt vibration will reduce the service life of relevant accessories on the belt, air conditioning pump, tensioning pulley, etc.


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