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alternator clutch pulley 27415-0W040

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The belt pulley of automobile generator is easy to install and specially designed for. It is a practical tool for automobile maintenance and mechanical maintenance to make your maintenance work go smoothly.

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Parameter Original number Generator number Generator number Applicable models
OD1 61.5 27415-0W040 104210-3780 27060-0H110 Kamimizu 2.4L
OD2 55 27415-0W041 104210-4660 27060-0H111 Toyoda Kami 2.4L
OAL 49.2 27415-0W040-A 104210-4661 27060-28260 TOYOTA RAV-4 2.4L
IVH 17 27415-0W040-C 104210-4662 27060-28300
Rotary Right 27415-0W042 104210-4663 27060-28310
M M14 DENSO 104210-4790 27060-28311
021040-1550 104210-4810 27060-28340
104210-4880 104210-4811 INA
104210-4880 535019810

Reliable] the automobile generator pulley is produced by professional manufacturers with reliable performance and exquisite workmanship.

high quality material:  the alternator pulley is made of high-quality metal material with high strength and durability.
customer service: we are committed to making our products and services bring you a good shopping experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve them for you.

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The working principle of the one-way pulley is similar to that of the one-way clutch gear on the starter, which has the function of one-way slip. The generator pulley can only rotate in the same direction to drive the rotor to rotate. On the contrary, the pulley will only idle!

Its function is to decouple the alternator from the front engine accessory belt drive train, because the alternator has the highest rotational moment of inertia in the front engine accessory belt drive train. This means that the generator one-way pulley is a V-belt and can only drive the alternator in one direction.

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