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What are the benefits of installing a one-way pulley?

The one-way belt pulley of the generator is composed of an outer ring matching the cross-sectional shape of the multi-wedge belt, a clutch unit composed of a stamped inner ring, an outer ring and a double needle roller bearing, a shaft sleeve and two sealing rings. In order to prevent the influence of water and other dirt, a protective cover is installed on its outer end face.

Its function is to decouple the alternator from the front engine accessory belt drive train, because the alternator has the highest rotational moment of inertia in the front engine accessory belt drive train. This means that the generator one-way pulley is a V-belt and can only drive the alternator in one direction.

What are the benefits of installing a one-way pulley?

1. The performance improvement of the front-end accessory belt drive system is:

Reduce belt vibration

Reduce belt tension

Reduce the tensioning stroke of the belt tensioner

Improve belt life

Reduce belt drive noise

Increase the speed of the alternator at engine idle

Improve the belt drive noise and slip of the generator when shifting the gear

When the gearbox is shifting up and down, it falters and the impact is not as strong as before. The response to shifting up and down should be a little faster. The idle speed jitters and the sound should be light, which can improve the driving experience

2.When the engine speed is less than 2000 rpm, the alternator one-way pulley can decouple the inertia moment of the generator from the accessory belt system at the front end of the engine. Whether the decoupling function of the one-way pulley works depends on the load of the engine (amplitude of torsional vibration), the moment of inertia and load of the generator. In addition, the unidirectional pulley decouples the moment of inertia of the generator when the engine speed drops sharply due to vehicle shifting.

Post time: Nov-17-2021